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Who Should Teach Tech Job Skills

Relating to the linkedin post that spawned my last blog post a friend noted: … why should it be the burden on companies trying to hire folks with those skillsets to also teach those skillsets? Isn’t that what educational institutions are supposed to do (git, etc.)? Even though companies, if they actually cared about equity and diversity would be better served to take on this burden, the reality is that they haven't and it's either left for students on their own, or as I commented on in my post colleges.

The Technical Interview - we can do better

I'm spending the week down in Atlanta. Never been before but since Batya is spending the semester teaching at Georgia State University, it seemed like a good chance to see her teach and check out a new town. That was the plan anyway. At least until I made the unfortunate decision to come down with Covid again. Symptoms are mild but I'm stuck camping out in our Airbnb while Devorah and Batya can see the sights.

Keeping Current Between Semesters

People say that one of the impossible problems for CS teachers is keeping current - they say the field is constantly changing, how can a teacher keep up with all the new things going on. Well, on the one hand it isn't true - most of the core of CS is the same. We still teach roughly the same programming constructs, data structures and algorithms. On the other hand, it is true.