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C'est la Z


The joys and sorrows of teaching

Sigcse 2023 Pedagogical Innovations

Sigcse 2023 Theatrics in CS

SIGCSE 2023 Writing in CS Classes

SIGCSE 2023 - when the solution solves the wrong problem

SIGCSE 2023 - Deadlines and Commitments

SIGCSE 2023 - It seemed like a good idea

SIGCSE 2023 An Overview

Sigcse 2023 Posts to come

Sigsce 2023 Opening morning

Hosted websites, Continuous Integration GitHub and GitLab

Recursive Sentences

NYSED says you don't need to know CS to teach CS

Copilot and similar types of AI in learning CS

AI as a programmers aide

Motivating Students in CS Class

A poor craftsman blames his tools

Organizing a topics course

The College Board wasn't cowardly

Tech Layoffs and Workers Rights

First Day Final Semester



Teaching with chatGPT - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly




Kicking off 2023

Finally some down time

Things they remember that we forgot

In Education, What's New is Old

Advent 2022 - day 3 - sets

Advent of Code 2022 - Days 1 and 2

Learning a new language - part 2 - Rust

Learning a new language - part 1 - functional

Retiring part 3 - What's Next

Retiring part 2 - Accomplishments

After 7 years at Hunter College and 33 in NYC public schools, time for a change.

Should college be career prep

Crafting a new major for tech

College Recommendation Season

Some Professional Development Is Worthwhile

Why PD doesn't work for CS

Don't give away the punchline

Turning 55

Good class day today

Same Old Topics

We need certified teachers, not professionally developed teachers.

Certified CS teachers - 2 flags in NY

Research Vs Practice

Subtle Errors

Teaching CS - How early and how often?

End of summer program beginning of summer break

CoTeaching - learning from colleagues

Masters of CS Education

CS - it isn't all that

Teacher Preparation - know what's under the hood

CS Teacher Certification - starting Cohort 3

You can't workshop a lesson

The Big Four Four

Put It In The Books

Yes, deadlines do matter

When Your Program Crashes

When will I need to know this, Data Structures edition

Should CSforAll focus on entrepreneurship and jobs?

Public Education - Which side are you on?

A Critical Mass Of CS Teachers

Truth Tables and Logic Gates - where to teach them.

SIGCSE 2022 AP or not AP

SIGCSE 2022 APCS - Alternate Languages

SIGCSE 2022 APCS-A Costs of changing the language

SIGCSE 2022 - APCS-A Language strengths and weaknesses

SIGCSE 2022 - What language APCS-A part 1 - the intent

SIGCSE 2022 - Conference format

SIGCSE2022 - Things I plan to blog about

First live conference in 2 years

Programming Problem Solving And Crosswords

Rubrics for teacher observations are garbage

When is remote better

Trends In Professional Development in CS - it's not all good

Do you need to know assembly to be a computer scientist?

Pension Consultations

What is a Syllabus and why does it matter?

How Will Online Influence Teaching

Exit 2021

Transparent Origami - Advent 2021 Day 13

Dumbo Octopus and the Game of Life - AOC 2011 Day 11

Bracket Bonanza (AOC 2021 day 10)

Seven Segment Silliness - Advent 2021 Day08

How you look at a problem can make it easier - AOC 2021 Day 7

Lanternfish and lots of data (AOC 2021 Day 6)

One man's complex is another man's simple (AOC 2021 Day 5)

Working code is better than clever code (AOC 2021 day 4)

Work through the example!!!!!

Seats on a plane - addendum

Airline Seats - An Ethics Lesson

Using Emacs Episode 80 Vertico, Marginalia, Consult, and Embark

Turning 54

Feeling like an English teacher

Using Emacs 79 Project

My project grading workflow

Teaching non required topics - the command line

Coding For Problem Solving

Turning a good class into a bad lecture

How The Hash Is Made

What They Used To Know

A Memorable Lesson (at least for one student)

Should every assignment be open ended?

Calling an audible

Day one back in person

\(2^5\) Years Teaching

Why it takes so long to become a better teacher

Hunter College CS Teacher Certification Summer 2021

Designated Slacker

No CSTA conference for me this year

Computer Science is not (inherently) fun

They're all good first programming languages ;-)

But we don't have enough teachers!!

Finally got the class working - only took five years

If you build programs, teachers will come

Teaching Styles

New York City has Certified CS Teachers

Quick Sort over Zoom

Teaching and Pedagogy - words and music

Physics Teacher Wanted - must NOT know Physics

Censorship, TOS, and a slippery slope

On Teaching Recursion

Final thoughts on Advent of Code 2020

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Days 21 and 24

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - 19 through 23

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Days 17 and 18

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - day 16

A teacher looks at Advent of Code day 14

A teacher looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Day 11

A Teacher looks at Advent of Code 2020 - days 9 and 10

A Teacher looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Days 7 and 8

A Teacher looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Day 06

A teacher looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Day 5

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Day 4

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Day 3

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Day 2

A Teacher Looks at Advent of Code 2020 - Day 1

Advent of Code 2020

CS Teacher Prep - the big picture and the long game.

Teachers Can Learn CS and CS people will go into teaching

Language choices for APCS

Election Thoughts - feeling hope but still concerned

53 trips around the sun

Less Engagement For More

Getting the word out on Hunter CS in 2020

Deadlines And Commitments

Using Emacs 75 - Bufler

Zulip - maybe the answer for class communication

School leadership and COVID, or not

Quarter Century Courses

Using Emacs 74 Eglot

Multiple Cameras For Remote Teaching

Starting the new semester

Unplugging with Bob Ross

Preparing CS Teachers - index post

Preparing CS Teachers - the good, the bad, and what's next.

Preparing CS Teachers - building a community

Preparing CS Teachers - tools for remote instruction

Preparing CS teachers - Curricula don't add richness, teachers do

Preparing CS Teachers - what to leave in, what to leave out

CS Teacher Certification - Topics in CS

Preparing CS Teachers - adding methods to our madness

Preparing teachers to teach CS

Scared teachers can't teach and scared students won't learn

Hunter College CS Teacher Certification - Final Project Fun Time

CS Certification summer intensive - the home strecth

Tools matter when teaching (and learning)

Github and Student Feedback

Merge Over Zoom - A Hunter CS Certification Program Update

Virtual Conferences - CSTA 2020 part 2

Virtual Conferences - CSTA 2020

Hunter's CS Teacher Certification program Week 2

Reopening Schools - de Blasio and Carranza throw kids and teachers under the bus.

Productive Fidgeting at CSTA2020 - Build a Blanket for good

Hunter's CS Teacher Certification program Week 1

Teaching CS - all the educators to all the grades

Why are police held to such a lower standard than teachers?


A new book on teaching CS in K12 - and I wrote a chapter!!

Using Emacs 73 - Ripgrep and updating the blog

Time For A New Theme

Supporting Our Students

A Quick Pinebook Pro update

Pinebook Pro - an $200 Linux Laptop

Teachers and Police

Before condemning try walking in their shoes

Pro Version Or Education Version

Future consequences of today's grading policies

Zoom alternatives that aren't from MicroGoogle

Using Emacs 72 - Customizing Elfeed

More thoughts on debugging

Errors Are Hard To Find

Hunter's first Honors CS Cohort

Using Emacs 71 Openwith

My Covid-19 Journey (so far)


Alternate Representations

Arbitrary Trees

Email or USPS

Varying Remote Teaching

John Conway

Sherlock Holmes, consulting developer

It's okay, I Get It

Passover 2020

To Zoom or not to Zoom

Limitations Of Remote Teaching

Using Emacs 70 Org Protocol

Class Legends

Necessity is the mother of invention

Guest Post - Missing out on a great opportunity in education

Using Emacs 69 Floobits

Brazilian Carrot Cake

Teaching Online - Day 01

Teaching online - a test run

Using Emacs Episode 68 - Tramp and org-publish

Focus To Feel Normal

Preparing to teach Online

Try Something New - Quicksort

Interesting Problems

CS Ed Podcast 3 - Debugging

Remote Classes

Hunter Launches CS Teacher Certification Programs

Using Emacs Episode 67 - Emacs vs Vi a rant with some historical perspective

The CS Education Subreddit

Github Org Explorer - now with oauth

CS Ed Podcast 2 - Dan Garcia on test creation

My code works -- and I have no idea why!!!

Using Emacs 66 - an eshell switcher in elisp

Riffing on the CS Ed Podcast - Episode 1 - David Malan

Using Emacs 65 - Live Python

Hunter Codefest 2020

AI For All

Sorting by hand or searching and inserting

Career Directions - how a sad day changed mine

Teachers Pay Teachers - part 2 - the report

Teachers Pay Teachers - part 1 - should they

Using Emacs 64 - Notmuch

Education is not a spectator sport

Clojurescript - building a simple router

Teacher Centric Teaching

Clojurescript Components

APCS Statistics

Using Emacs 63 ClojureScript

GitHub Org Explorer

Pushback To CS for All

What I'm looking forward to in 2020

10 years blogging

Keeping Current Between Semesters

Multi Stage Assignments - the good and the bad - Advent of Code

Advent 2019 Day 8 - addendum - generating inputs

Advent 2019 Day - 8

Advent 2019 Day 4

Advent 2019 Day 3

Advent 2019 Day 2

Advent of Code 2019 Day 1

Advent Of Code 2019

Presenting At CSTA 2020

Working with texts part 3 - word chains

Lesson and project inspiration from old BSD games

Working with texts part 2 - bag of words

Using Emacs 62 Magit Forge

Using GitHub issues for class communicatoin

Using Emacs 61 - org-msg

Working with texts part 1 - cleaning the data

Communicating With Students - maybe GitHub to the rescue

I Speak Jive

School Visit Update 2019

Using Emacs 60 - Restclient

What companies look for in a tech hire

Using Emacs 59 - markdown

High Ed Web 2019

Classes Or After school programs - which is more important for female retention in CS?

My test grading policy

You Can't Win If You Don't Enter

Using Emacs 58 - lsp-mode

CSTA Awards 2020

Cheating on CS projects

Teaching techniques - industry to classroom and classroom to industry

Pig Latin - a beginner lesson with some depth

Advanced CS Early - Are they learning it or just using it?

What Is Good Teaching

Different languages, different techniques, different solutions

Is Computation Thinking a new idea or a new opportunity

Exploring Complex Projects

Waterfalls - a trip report

Computational Thinking in Primary Grades

Alumni Anniversaries

Outside Evaluators

Big Code And Case Studies

Codeland 2019

Maze Solving (for real) and Code Tracing

A 10X Student Story

CSTA 2019

New(ish) Blog -

CSTA 2019 Preconference

Planning For CSTA 2019

Math isn't always fun but you can do fun things with math

Crochet at CSTA

CSTA 2019 - Using GitHub as a CMS

Proof By Authority

MongoDB World 2019

Judging a High School Hackathon - StuyHacks VIII

Celebrating Perfect AP Exam Scores

Back To Python

Year in Review - the classes

Grokking Algorithms

Do It First

AP Classes, Placing Students, and First Topic Exposures

Predicting Grades

Blog For Self Professional Devleopment

The Hunter Daedalus Fall 2019 recruiting class

Give me a break (and a continue)

On Technical Interviews And Diversity

Ebooks, Nypl and Process Starvation

Seam Carving and Dynamic Programming

Code Review Revisited or research - the teacher version

CS Teacher PD at Grow with Google

Implicit Curricula

Using Emacs 57 Dired Narrow

Busy Week

Choosing A Textbook

Adapting A Nifty Assignment

New Monitor

Evaluating Java IDES for teaching teachers.

SIGCSE 2019 - the keynotes

March PD for CS Teachers

Hunter College Winter Codefest 2019

Why the Thomas Friedman's editorial on the College Board's Two Codes left me concerned

How I use Github Classroom

Tech Jobs, Diversity, and Equity in the wake of the Amazon/NYC debacle

No Amazon HQ2 in NYC

GitHub Helps Me Help Students

Use A Real Language

Java Interfaces

Early Ap Registration - it's, um, for the kids

Github Classroom and Travis CI

Using Emacs Episode 56 - Dictionaries

Sequencing Topics

Using Emacs Episode 55 - Irony Completions

Solve A To Solve B

Thoughts On Code And Beyond - Computational Thinking

Using Emacs 54 Org Tables

Is There a First Grade Machine Learning Achievement Gap?

When does a new course really get developed

Owning The Curriculum

Angels in the Architecture - when they used to build schools like cathedrals.

Happy New Year 2019

Advent of Code, Data Structures, and Hidden Complexity

Visiting schools and talking tech

Professional Development - APCS-A, similar and beyond

Sloan awards for excellence in teaching science and mathematics

CS For All The Time

Email Policy

Reunions 2018

Teaching Sorting


An experiment with code review

Let Teachers Teach

Local Tech and Local Learning

Using Emacs 53 Emailing Org Agenda

Using Emacs Episode 52 - Eyebrowse

Catskills Conf - Knitting for Good 2018

From Scripts To Freestyle

Using Emacs 51 - Day to day work with org-mode

Who Played Spiderman - part 3

Who Played Spiderman part 2

Who Played Spiderman part 1 or my Nifty Assignment (that was rejected)

Compile Each Concept

Challenges of teaching at a commuter school

Globals Breaks And Returns, oh my

When the students know more than the teacher

Fall 2018 HS CS Tour

CS vs CT vs Coding

Not every lesson has to be magic

What CS should we teach in HS

First post again

Blight Move

Creating a school for CS

That Time Bill Gates Visited AFSE

Do you need to know binary for CS?

Wishing all K12 teachers a great year

Class Rules

Artifacts Have Stories

Software Longevity

Rite Of Passage Projects

Early Code Reuse

Class Communications

Getting Ready To Go Back

Two Faces of Project Based Learning

Keyboarding and the Digital Divide

Time To Create An Ethics Course

A couple of Brian Kernighan videos

How early for APCS

CSTA 2018 - Funding and Direction

Csta 2018 Report

I'm not going to congratulate you on your AP results

Certification The Old Way

Talking about CS teacher certification at CSTA 2018

Using Emacs Episode 50 - presentations

Hunter CS - a lot of progress in a short time

PD for people who know CS

Using Emacs Episode 49 mu4e-conversation

How I Grokked OOP

Giving control of NYC's specialized schools to a political appointee

Changing Admissions to the NYC Specialized High Schools

The Tech or the Teacher

Teaching recursion early? Make sure to use a good tool.

Is Cs for All Worth Doing

Should CS for All be implemented at the college level?

Is there room for CS for All

Unfunded Mandates and CS For All

Pull Requests and Other People's Code

Do the students finish the tests or does the test finish the students

Using Emacs 48 Silversearcher

No Magic Bullets - Discovery Learning

Unit Tests Grading Workflow


Math For Math Teachers - watering down CS Ed before we even start

Why Strong K12 Teacher Certification is Important

Using Emacs Episode 47 - Magit

Competitions and Hackathons

Tools and Complexity

Passover April 1 And Indiana Jones

Do It The Dumb Way

Ethics In CS Education

Sigcse2018 Proof


Testing Part 2

On Prestigious Competitons And High Schools

Using Emacs 46 Auto Yasnippets

Sigcse2018 Making theory more acccesible

Using Emacs 45 - Company or Autocomplete

How my views on education research were shaped

Sigcse2018 - Code Tracing

Using Emacs 44 - An org-mode workflow for application processing

Sigcse2018 Bootstrapworld on Creativity in CS classes

Sigcse2018 - Malloc Lab


Using Emacs 43 - Music with MPD

Testing, Testing

Using Emacs 42 - Git Gutter and Time Machine

Using Emacs 41 Pandoc

Google Sheets

Using Emacs 40 - Atomic Chrome

On Textbooks

Is Teaching CS Hard?

Reading and Writing Recs

APCS-P - Bigger Intake Or Leaky Pipe

Using Emacs 2017 Recap

2017 in review - K12 CS Education

2017 in review - Hunter Undergraduate CS

Using Emacs 39 - mu4e

Fixing the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) situation

Breaking down problems and writing

New York State moving forward with CS Teacher Certification

Making contest problems and writing tests

Tools can shape how we think

Thoughts On A Hackathon

Advent of Code 2017 - Day 1

You have to trust the kids

Reunion Season

Using Emacs 38 - dired

Motivating and understanding quicksort

Hunter CS and NY Tech - it takes a village

Moocs - High Production value, Bad Questions

Professional Development beyond Scratch

Early Interesting Problems - Happy Ladybugs

Catskills Conf 2017

It's nice to be appreciated

There's always something to learn (from your students)

A test result is just a test result

Standards - Who are they for?

Programming Idioms

NYC CS4All - This Is Not The CS We're Looking For

Using Emacs 37 - Treemacs file browser

Awesome Cs Revisited

New Term New Tool - Thonny, a Python IDE

I Believe CS Teachers are Smart and Capable

Is the new Secret Sauce ever better?

Theseus's Curriculum

CS Teachers - we need you to blog

Teaching APCS-A for the first time

The Cost of AP Exams

Ethics, Cybersecurity, ethics, curricula and standards

Using Emacs 36 - A Touch of Elisp

Thoughts on non educator influences on CS Education

Three strikes and you're out or third time's a charm

CS Ed advocates should pay attention to greater ed issues

Observing CS Teachers

A friendly reminder to use the right language when describing CS

Self Certification - not a good idea

A Plea to AP teachers- don't measure yourself by your scores

CS Teachers - teacher first or content first

Using Emacs 35 - Blogging

On Retaining Teachers

Mayoral Control - only when your guy's the mayor

Are best practices always the best?

A Community Curated List of CS Education Resources

CS Educators StackExchange

Using Emacs - 34 - ibuffer and emmet

Disclosing Bugs - requiring a project roadmap

A* is born

Python - Editor or IDE

Designing a course with constraints

It feels good to be helpful

Learning about VC

Using Emacs - 33 - projectile, dumb-jump

A new first language? What's the follow up plan?

GitHub as a tool for education

A free multi-state clicker with built in redundency

SIGCSE 2017 - a path to github part 3

SIGCSE 2017 - a path to github part 2

SIGCSE 2017 - a path to github part 1

SIGCSE 2017 - Recap


Whiteboard interviews

Using Emacs - 32 - C++

Using Emacs - 31 - elfeed part 3 - macros

Will we lose CS teachers to industry?

Using Emacs - 30 - elfeed part 2 - Hydras

Using Emacs - 29 -elfeed part 1

Quality Devs and Coding Contests

Starting with scheme

Selecting a starting language - why not Javascript

Using Emacs - 28 -Rectangles

A Ground Hog Day Story

Should CS Ed be in bed with the College Board

It's not one issue, it's the President and his enablers

Using Emacs - 27 - shell and eshell

Essential topics for an intro course (not)

Using Emacs - 26 - Google Calendar, Org Agenda

BS? - BA - addendum

BS? - BA

Using Emacs - 25 - Tramp

Being productive between terms

It gets easier (or advent of code 2016 day 19)

A couple of things I learned from Danny Jaye

Rookie Season Redux

Advent of Code 2016 - Check your data

A Teacher looks at Advent of Code 2016 #2

A Teacher looks at Advent of Code 2016 #1

Advent of Code 2016

Using Emacs - 24 - Org Capture 2

Selling out or getting a seat at the table

Using Emacs - 23 - Org Capture 1

Inverted Index Project

Evaluate teachers like they do in the real world

Using Emacs - 21 - web mode

Using Emacs - 22 - emacsclient

Using Emacs - 20 - yanking

Science Talent Search winners do not a great school make

Using Emacs - 19 - moving to a live config

Flask - deploying to DigitalOcean

Using Emacs - 18 - Narrowing and iedit

Cornell Technion Project Studio

Halloween 2016

Why Hunter CS is so important to NYC

Using Emacs - 17 - misc small packages

Knitting at a Tech Conference

Waking up in the Hudson Valley

Installing Flask in a virtualenv

Setting up Linux for Flask Web Development

Using Emacs - 16 - Undo Tree

Chromebooks in K12

Computational Thinkers in Scotland

User friendly - I do not think that means what you think it means

Can NYCIST become in leader in CS Education?

Impostor Syndrome - I'm not good enough

First day back, or not

New Term, New Tool -

Using Emacs - 15 - Macros

Federal Aid for Code Schools - is this a good thing?

Using Emacs - 14 - Thoughts

Using Emacs - 13 - Yasnippet

Using Emacs - 12 - Flycheck, Jedi, Python

Ed Disruption - why it's different

Using Emacs - 11 - Reveal.js presentations

West coast trip - a nice close to act I

Using Emacs - 10 - org init files

Hillary and Student Loans

On Teaching, Mentors, and Role Models

Using Emacs - 9 - Themes

Using Emacs - 8 - Autocomplete

Using Emacs - 7- Navigation with Avy

Lesson plans - scripts to springboards

Better Comments or tooling as a time sink

Using Emacs - 6 - Searching a Swiper

Robots platforms and practicalities

Using Emacs - 5 - Windows

PDF 2016 - How we lost the open web

Navajo Math Circles

Using Emacs - 3 - How to think about Emacs

Using Emacs - 4 - Buffers

Using Emacs - Intro to Org Mode

Using Emacs - Introduction

Using Emacs - Setting up the Package Manager

Collaborative Coding or Cheating

Shell short - tagging old posts in Nikola

BASH scripting?

REPOST - Shell games - who confirmed attendance

Should We Teach HTML?

A World Without Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement - Because We Don't Trust Teachers

As curricula changes, what's falling through the cracks?

NYC DOE - Doing what it can to keep opportunities away from kids

Awards for Educators

Become a CS Education Thought Leader - No Experience Needed

I hate ruby or why I'm switching blogging platforms

IDE or the Cloud

Hunter College - Honors CS

DevOps, or You don't know what the F you're doing!

Debugging deployment

Cellular Automata for Pathfinding in NetLogo

Cellular Automata, NetLogo and real problems

International Blog Delurking Week 2016

Discussion Silos

Teaching Coding - getting beyond superficial syntax

Leaving Stuyvesant

Advent of Code - because I'm an idiot

Advent of Code

We're Number One!! We're Number One!!!

Other People's Code

Announcing def hacks("Winter",2015)

Finding the Bell Tower

Interview questions and tests

Teachers - boy do we suck!!!!

Halloween 2015 - the video

Inner voices

Something growing in the Hudson Valley

Know your tools - intermediate Emacs

Self Appointed Experts

Alan Alda on Teaching Science

Looking under the hood

Grading Autograders

Free labor for the College Board and more angst for the kids

Coding schools - or why I chose NYCDA

How it all began

I guess some people like the blues

Hacking Sessions - iterating until it's right

Suspension if disbelief and the Mikado

Not in with the in crowd - concerns about NYC #CS4All

I should be happy but feel like I've failed

Why I have no faith in NYC Doing CS Ed right.

Setting kids up to fail - CS edition

Help us create a Saturday Hacking Space for kids

Setting kids up to fail - math class

What makes a great manager? - Open praise for my team

Teaching to the test - APCS

Why don't we trust teachers or Rubber Room Light?

Shipping a product

CS Semi Formal

Jazz Hands!!!!!!

Learning takes time, hype doesn't

def hack(2015)

Shell games - who confirmed attendence

Just another day at StuyCS

What's Expedient vs what's good - curriculum vs teachers

Believing in what you're doing

A chocolate treasure in a city losing its soul

Taking stock and tracking progress

Kids these days -- they don't know nuttin

CS Ed Predictions 2015

Boys, Girls, Arts, Tech, and Vacation

Teachers, Rockstars, and the Godfather

Thoughts on diversity

Reunions part 2 - My Stuy, Your Stuy

Little details we take for granted

Hidden Complexity

Hi, I'm Mike, I went to high school with....

Forty minutes to the punch line or "we'll never look at functions the same way again"

Rich and Rich - two legends on opposite sides of the hall

VamVoom - Turning teachers into rubble


Reunions, StuyCS and community

Wait, I know that!!!!

A birds eye view of my career

Building a High School Summer CS Program - SHIP

Teacher Ratings

State test scores - don't fall into the trap

Building a SHIP - The Crew

Building a SHIP - Our partner - St. Joseph's College

Building a SHIP - Outcomes

Can't wait for CSTUY SHIP Demo day tomorrow

Building a SHIP - Toolset

Building a SHIP - Outreach

Building a SHIP - Guest Stars

Building a SHIP - the Stewards

Spreadsheet? I'd rather use the command line.

Preparing to launch SHIP

An old tradition reborn

Student Projects 2014 - Let's go to the video tape

What I love about StuyCS

Dream It, Code It, Win It

Twitch Coding

Announcing SHIP

Sorting - Subtle Errors

From selection to sorting

The new SAT - the more things stay the same

Be the ball

I guess I'm a dumbass

Change the data

Fibonacci by the tail

StuyCS family from coast to coast

Tapia 2014

Shell Games - an introduction

Summing up at SumAll

What I learned from Pete Seeger

Show me the data

At Last - CS Gender Equity in Multiple States!!!!!

Rot13 - Gateway <s>Drugs</s> Techniques

Hacking Sessions Resume

Plans for the New Year

A New Year and a New look

Bucket Sorting

Teaching Languages

Build it first

Hacking Sessions - putting it all together

Hacking Sessions Week 4 - The challenges of once a week

Four to beam up

Floating Points

Hacking Sessions - Week 2

Stuyablo II

Why I'm no longer an effective teacher - part 2

The College Board Smorgasbord -Don't Overfill Your Plate

Hacking Sessions Begin

Databases - the next day

Databases - putting it all together

Why I might no longer be an effective teacher

Bikeshares - Bixi vs Citibike

That One Inspirational Curriculum

Summer Project 1 - Citibike Data


Gender stats


Demo Night

Real Data - Part II

Evaluating Teachers - Evaluating schools

Madlib Madness

Real Data

Who won the election -- Quadratic to Linear Time!!!!!

Schools, Snake Oil, and the SOTU

Taking it out of the school

Why we script

Investing in People

Layers of a lesson

Who's missing from the picture

Real Projects

Making Varsity part 1 - Athletics

Alumni Day(s)

Back to Work

Sandy Bridge and Screen Casting

My Favorite Year Teacher

Continuing the Journey

Anyone can cook

Checking in with the family

Field Trip!!!!!!!!

Pair Programming Tag Team Shootout

Let me Google that for you

CS Stress

My Favorite Student

Pretty sneaky, Sis

Stanford classes -- what I'd do next

ML and AI Courses - how they were taught

Where's Waldo - Text style


The Rest of the Trip

No wifi

Too tired to blog

All roads may lead to Rome, but not all are paved

Nothing to see here

Day 5

Weak wifi last night

Brockport to Palmyra

Lockport to Brockport

Erie Canal - Day 2

Erie Canal Day 1

Circumnavigating the Island (mostly)


Sorting from the top and from the bottom

What's Next

They teach programming, don't they?

Subversion for Homework part II and the start of the new term

Subversion in the classroom

Cold Weather Commuting

Towers of Hanoi

Who is this man?

Talking Shop

First Day Back

Looking for interesting questions


college-board Stuff`

Using Emacs 76 Bookmarks and Burly