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Alumni Anniversaries

Two days ago, a teacher's comment on a frustrating situation made me mad.

Yesterday, I got to be part of something that made me very happy.

Last night, Devorah and I ventured out to Coney Island to celebrate the twentieth wedding anniversary of two former students. It's such a joy and an honor to be included in these types of life events and even more so to count the couple and so many other former students and friends. Devorah joked that she'd been to more weddings of my former students than of her own friends. Truth be told, I can say the same. I commented that nowadays I'm more in touch with friends that I've taught than my own high school and college classmates. Our hosts joked that it was the right call because my former students are younger and that helps keep me young :-).

What was also exciting was seeing the couple's oldest daughter for the first time in a year or so. She'll be starting at Stuy next year. The grow so fast. Almost makes me sad I'm no longer there. Missed my chance to teach the offspring of my former students. Still, she's in great hands with the crew that's still there.

I also had a chance to catch up with some other friends and their families. Loved seeing young Abe, another "grandstudent" who I haven't seen since his bris two year ago.

For anyone out there just starting their teaching career - this is the payoff. The relationships. I know it's hokie but I say that as teachers in a general sense we should strive to be a force of good in our student's lives. If we're lucky we see it's appreciated and we get to see the results.

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