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C'est la Z

53 trips around the sun

In the 10 plus years of this blog I've never done a post on my birthday. Okay, maybe I've written one on my birthday but never talked about it.

Why this year?

No particular reason. Maybe because I'm getting older. I'm 53 today. Devorah will turn 54 in a month - from there one year until she can retire. I can follow a year later. I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing but it's nice to know that in two years I'll have a lot of options on the table. I can stay the course or maybe look for new challenges. By then, should things continue apace, my undergraduate program will have been running and growing for seven years, I'll have had three cohorts of teachers go through my advanced certificate program and I should even have my first Masters in CS Education graduates.

For today, it's mostly business as usual. Plan is to head out for my morning run, come back and teach class.

After that, I'll head down to Varick Street to drop off my ballot.

As to the rest of the day, we'll see. I'll probably spend most of it trying to set up virtual school visits. Looking forward to the family dinner - Natan's cooking tonight as he does often so I know it'll be tasty.

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