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Productive Fidgeting at CSTA2020 - Build a Blanket for good

It's almost time for CSTA2020. I'm looking forward to it but since it's going remote it is going to be interesting.

Since CSTA is, at least to me, very much a "people conference" as opposed to a "session conference" it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

One of the things I was super excited about last year was Devorah's getting her Blanket Statement project off the ground. The whole idea was to have knitters and crocheters make squares while attending conference sessions instead of incessantly checking their phones. Productive fidgeting she calls it. At the end, Devorah put the squares together into a blanket and it was donated to a child in need.

It was really cool. Our friends at GitHub Education provided space at their booth where Devorah could teach knitters or people could stop by on a break to make a square or two.

It was really cool.

While we can't do it again in person we can do it remotely. So, if you knit or crochet, pick up those needles or hooks while you're watching those sessions and knit some squares.

You can email mail your squares to Devorah and she'll put them all together into a blanket or you can donate them locally.

You can find more details at or email Devorah at

Hope to see many friends at CSTA2020 and hope many do some productive fidgeting to crowdsource a blanket for a chile in need.

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