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Catskills Conf - Knitting for Good 2018

Two weekends ago I took a group of my first year students up to Catskills Conf, an annual event that I describe as "light tech conference with a focus on diversity and inclusion meets summer camp." I've written about the event before if anyone's interested in more details. As in past years, Devorah ran her knitting for good project. In each of the first two years of the project, attendees of Catskills Conf learned how to know and collectively knit, crocheted and assembled a blanket for Project Linux which provides hand made blankets to children in crisis.

This year we made two:

While I was off this morning talking to high school students at Cornell Technion, Devorah was finishing off the blankets and delivering them.

In past years, the blanket was usually mostly made by a small handful of experienced knitters who attended the conference. This year was very different. For the first time, many of my students took part in the project.

A few already knew how to know but more were learning for the first time.

I love that were at a tech conference and at the same time learning to be creative with our hands and all the while doing some good for others.

Already looking forward to next year.

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