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My Covid-19 Journey (so far)

I haven't been posting much over the past couple of weeks and that's partly because we've been under the weather.

Yep - Covid-19.

First things first - we're all either recovered or well on the way.

I thought I'd write up our experience as it might be useful for others who are going through similar. This disease is weird and seems to affect people differently but three of us followed a similar path.

In terms of our current status, I've been symptom free for a few days. My sense of smell hasn't fully returned but it's starting to and I've been fever free for around two weeks. I've been using a pulse oximeter and that's been reading normal. I still feel a bit off in the evenings, haven't been sleeping well and get a bit of a headache but I think that's mostly my inner hypochondriac and the headaches from the poor sleep. Besides, the headaches feel different than when I was having symptoms.

Batya and Devorah have been clear for a week longer than I've been and Natan hasn't yet shown any symptoms so hopefully he got it, built some antibodies and is done.

Batya got it first then Devorah then me. The symptoms were largely the same. As they say - flu like. Fever, chills, low energy, head or chest congestion and loss of smell and taste. I never fully lost my taste (but then nobody would accuse me of having good taste anyway) but it did dull. Batya and I also got headaches. They were a little weird - kindof between a regular headache and a migraine. We never had bad coughs, just occasional ones.

The actual fever/chills part lasted for about 3 or 4 days each. Never got as bad as a bad case of the flu and we never felt we had to rush to the emergency room but we all essentially took some days off for work. For me, it was mostly being lucky - my class days and important meetings fell outside my sick zone and I was able to focus enough to do the planning I had to albeit not optimally.

We never relapsed but recovery was slow. After the fever passed, we all went through the "I think I'm feeling better" stage where we still had some congestion and were feeling "off" but we seemed to go in the right direction. This seemed to last forever but at least for me, one day a few days ago, I finally woke up feeling pretty good.

By all counts we've been lucky. Hopefully we'll have some level of immunity - we're going to try to get antibody testing to see if we can give plasma.

One of the things to watch out for if you do got through this is the lethargy. I've been in a funk for most of the past month. I guess that's because of the difficulty in sustaining focus when actually sick and the stress even when you're feeling okay. Over this past weekend when I was finally able to restart a number of projects is what's making me feel I'm really out of the woods.

So, that's been our Covid-19 journey. I hope posting this provides another data point for people - what it's like for those of us who are getting it but have been lucky so as not to get it so bad.

Hoping you're all staying safe and healthy.

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