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The State of Developer Education podcast

Now that I'm back from my trip (and the subsequent cold that I've battled for the past few days), time to get back to "work."

About a month ago, my friend Jonathan Gottfied interviewed me for his State of Developer Education podcast. It's an hour plus dive into CS / Tech education. It dropped when I was on the plane back to NY last Thursday. I meant to write this on Friday but my cold took me out until today.

It was a thrill to be asked and fun to do - as you know, I love talking shop. I've known the host, Jon, for years, I think we met when he was at Twilio. For the past almost decade though, Jon has been building Major League Hacking - the organization to support college hackathons. While I'm not sold on the 30+ hours straight format, a hackathon can be great tech extracurricular and MLH has done so much to add structure and support for them. One of the things I love about hackathons is that they're tech education adjacent and can fill in missing pieces for students - networking with others, a social activity, project creation, and outside personal learning. All great things. Running an organization like MLH can also give people like Jon a valuable "outsiders" view of what's coming out of the classroom. To clarify, I say outsider to mean someone not employed as a teacher or instructor.

As to the episode of the podcast I was on, you can check it out here:

or in podcast form here:

For teachers who read this blog, I'd recommend checking out the podcast series in general. I've listened to a bunch and found them both interesting and valuable. Most of the episodes I've listened to are of professionals in the devrel space. Some come from traditional CS backgrounds, some don't. As teachers, we can learn from their perspectives and also gain insights into the professional tech world beyond just being a traditional software engineer.

So, I'd encourage you all to check out the series here:


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