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C'est la Z

First post again

The new site is live.

I'm now running a Hugo based blog. I set it up using the Mainroad theme which seems to support everything I want.

Out of the box Hugo supports org-mode with pretty much all of its niceties like:

  • code highlighting
  • org-mode structure (lists, tables)
  • html can be directly embedded
  • tags and categories

The Mainroad theme added:

  • MathJax
  • Analytics
  • An easy menu
  • widgets for the sidebar

It was pretty easy to customize and deploying to GitHub pages is pretty simple. It just took a couple of minutes to port over the subscribe via email using Feedburner into a widget.

I'll do a post later about how I moved over and maybe make a video.

I decided not to convert all the old posts but will leave them up on an archive site.

I'm hoping everything works out of the box. Let me know if there are any issues.

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