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glf1x— title: How do we get CS Ed research into classrooms and do teachers want it? date: 2022-03-24T14:43:32-04:00 tags: categories: draft: true —

I spent yesterday at To Code and Beyond, a one day conference put together by my friend Diane Levitt and her team. This year the theme was CS Education Research as it applies to K12 education.

As usual, Diane and her team put together a great program and a great day. Those of you who know me know that my personal relationship with education research is, well, let's say, strained. I do believe that there's some great work going on and I have many friends whom I both like and respect very much who I think do great work. I also think that that a huge amount of education research is, well, questionable.

On one of the conference panels, the question came up as to how we can get "the research" into the hands of practicing teachers for them to use. I think this is a great question but would add "and how and when would this be good and when would teachers rather not be burdened with work they might find questionable."

At the risk of angering some friends, I thought I'd share my thoughts on this today.

how do we get "the research" into the teachers hands in a practical way? And do they want it?

My advice as a long time practitioner

  1. Don't research AT schools work WITH teachers and FOR teachers

Mark's stuff

get release time for teachers

  1. Walk the walk or give all the caveats or give the #s and no judgment
  2. Get the powers that be to stop abusing research (good or bad)
  3. who's going to get the crap off teachers plate (including things like high stakes testing and CC) to make room
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