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No CSTA conference for me this year

Today is the start of CSTA's annual conference. Like last year, it's virtual. Unlike the past few years, this year I won't be attending.

I'm a big fan of the CSTA conference. Jake and team have done an amazing job growing the conference and it's been a highlight of my year every time I've attended.

I could say that I'm not attending due to my schedule - I'm pretty much spending all day every day during July teaching in my CS Teacher Certification program and at the end of the day I'm wiped. This is true but it's not the only reason. The truth is, I'm pretty burned out. Part of it is doing too many things. At this point, the teacher education part of my portfolio is a full time job as is my work with the undergraduate CS students and that's not counting the extras that have worked their way onto my plate. The other part of it I'm sure is Covid. I'm writing this because many teachers are overworked and add in this past year of Covid and I'm sure many are feeling the same as I am.

I love the CSTA conference but I'm just not feeling it. Same with a lot of professional stuff - just not feeling the joy these days.

I'm hoping that come August I can turn everything off for a few weeks and recharge a bit for next year and going back in person (safely) will provide a boost.

I'm betting teachers around the country are feeling rather burned out so wanted to share publicly saying you're not alone, it's okay and it's okay to dial it back for our own mental and physical well being.

Already looking forward to a better next year and CSTA2022, hopefully in person.

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