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Time For A New Theme

While setting up my Pinebook Pro I wanted to make sure I could write blog posts. Go and Hugo installed and ran no problem but I switched to Hugo in April 2020 back when it was version .49 or something like that. Now it's up to .73. It turns out there have been a few changes. First, I set up my blog with two directories for posts. One for the posts I wrote originally in Jekyll and one for the ones I wrote for Hugo. I had to make a few changes to get that to work with the new version.

I also discovered that my archive page no longer works under the current version of Hugo. As I poked around a little more, it turns out that HTML embedding changed so I'm going to have to tweak all my Emacs posts as well as posts where I embed tweets or other content.

All of this is to say that some or maybe many of my older posts will be wonky until I can get around to fixing them.

Rather than figuring out how to fix them under my current blog theme I figured it was also a good time to explore a new Hugo theme so don't be surprised if the overall look here changes a few times over the next few posts.

Hopefully I'll be able to get everything working again sooner rather than later.

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