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Using Emacs 53 Emailing Org Agenda

I use both org-mode and Google Calendar for scheduling. I like Google Calendar because:

  • It's pretty universal so I can issue and accept calendar invites.
  • It works well with my phone and other mobile devices.
  • The rest of my family doesn't live in Emacs :-(.

I prefer using org-mode beacuse:

  • Emacs
  • I prefer, for the most part, to control my data.

I partially sync the two platforms. I've already talked about syncing Google Calendar and org-mode. Right now, I'm just pulling from Google rather than also pushing up from org-mode because I'm still getting double entry issues. This means that I have my entire schedule in Emacs but only part of it in my Google calendar.

To help resolve the problem, I do a few things. First, I sync my orgfiles on all my computers. I used to do this with Dropbox but am now moving over to Syncthing. I also like to set up a Digital Ocean droplet so that I have a single machine that's always on.

I've set things up to have that droplet send me an email with my agenda. It turns out that org has commands to do things with Emacs from the command line:

  • org-batch-agenda
  • org-batch-store-agenda-views
  • org-batch-agenda-csv

They can be run from the command line to output a formatted agenda as a string:

emacs --batch -l ~/.emacs.d/init.el  -eval '(org-batch-agenda "a" org-agenda-span 14)'

or as csv:

emacs --batch -l ~/.emacs.d/init.el  -eval '(org-batch-agenda-csv "a" org-agenda-span 14)'
gcalStuy recruiting2018-10-2915:40-16:40
gcalRBS Workshop 32018-10-2917:30-21:00
gcalFDR High School2018-10-307:45- 8:45
soe-calACERT - LUNCH SEMINAR2018-10-3012:00-14:00
gcalMaxim Vengerov Carnegie Hall2018-10-3020:00-21:00

Note that you have to specify the location of the startup file (~/emacs.d/init.e;) since when you run emacs in batch mode it won't load your normal config by default

In the video you'll see how I use my DigitalOcean dropplet, set up with the Postfix mail server and Syncthing to send me an email with my agenda every morning.

The command I actually use to send the email is:

/usr/bin/emacs --batch -l ~/.emacs  -eval '(org-batch-agenda "a" org-agenda-span 14)' 2>/dev/null | mail -s "Mike's Agenda for $(date +'\%A \%D')"

which I put in a crontab entry to get it to run every day.

If people want, I can make a runthrough of setting up the actual dropplet and SyncThing.


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