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Using Emacs 54 Org Tables

As you know I use Emacs for all sorts of things. In addition to coding, I use it for email, my schedule, note taking, and much much more. As part of my job at Hunter, I read and evaluate some of the Macaulay Honors College applications. I also have to evaluate all the applicants to my CS honors program. I described how I use Org-mode and Emacs to help with that here. Processing the Macaulay applications though is somewhat different.

I was given a list of student names and IDs as well as online access to their applications. If I wasn't an Emacs user I'd probably dump the list into a spreadsheet and go from there. It turns out, Org-mode has a really nice table editor with just the spreadsheet functionality that I needed. I had the ability to perform basic calculations on the data while also keeping the power of Emacs for editing purpose.

Check out the video to see how it all works.

For more information, you can check out this tutorial on Org-mode table formulas and the Org-mode documentation.


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