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Using Emacs 57 Dired Narrow

One of Emacs power features that I've never quite gotten into is dired, the Directory Editor. I've already done a video on the package. It's really cool and I do use it at times but I still haven't started using it for my day to day.

Well, I just started using a couple of packages that might change this. They're part of a set of dired addons that you can check out at the dired hacks page. The specific ones I'm talkign about are dired-subtree and dired-narrow. dired-subtree is cool but it's not the game changer. dired-narrow is. One of my issues with dired is that I can't see all the files I'm operating on easily at the same time. If I'm marking a large number of files to delete I want to be able to see all of them at once so I'm sure I'm not making a mistake. dired-narrow lets me easily do this.

Check out the video to see the details:

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