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Using Emacs 63 ClojureScript

I've been playing with ClojureScipt for my web projects recently and really like it. Much more fun than any of the JavaScript frameworks I've used.

Still, getting started was somewhat difficult due to the number of options in tooling and uneven documentation and learning resources.

Here's a video that shows how I use Emacs for ClojureScript development but the focus of the video is on how to get started with ClojureScript and Emacs takes a back seat other than an example of my workflow.

On the Clojurscript side I'm using shadow-cljs which I like very much along with tailwindcss for styling. I also mention NVM for managing node/npm etc. which you'll also need.

On the Emacs side you'll see a bit of cider along with smartparens and you can find my full config at

I was thinking about also making the following ClojureScript videos if the communities find value in them and I have time:

  1. How to create reusable components like an input field with label.
  2. Creating a simple Electron app using shadow-cljs.
  3. Creating something with both server side and client side.
  4. Also open to suggestions

I don't pretend to be a cljs or webdev master so please let me know if I'm doing anything horribly wrong and let me know if you want more.


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