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Using Emacs 73 - Ripgrep and updating the blog

As I said in my last post, I'm moving to a new Hugo theme. I decided on Anubis. It's simple and clean. Unfortunately, in this change over, many things broke. Specifically, all my embedded html. Using earlier version of Hugo I could directly embed HTML and it would render. Now I have to bracket the HTML with special org markup - #+begin_export html and #+end_export html.

#+begin_export html
<h1>html stuff to render goes in here </h1>

Minimally I had to find all my embedded videos and all my embedded Tweets. There's probably a lot more. Fortunately with Emacs this is pretty easy. I used rg.el which is an Emacs front end to ripgrep. If you don't know ripgrep, it's kind of like a super fast, super enhanced grep on steroids.

In Emacs, I was able to do a ripgrep search which created a buffer containing all the embedded html fragments from all my blog posts across all the directories. I then used Emacs' wgrep feature which allowed me to edit that combined buffer and save all the results back to the original files.

All in all it just took a few minutes. There are still some things I have to clean up from older posts but at least the site is workable now.

Check out the video for a walkthrough:

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