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Using Emacs 75 - Bufler

Quick Emacs hit today.

After my last video, I received a comment noting that I was using ibuffer and that there was another package I might want to consider - bufler.

I started with basic ibuffer and then started to customize it to group buffers but that was always somewhat finicky. More often than not I couldn't tune it the way I wanted. Most recently, I started using ibuffer-projectile which group projects for me but lost the other customizations. In any event, I was more or less happy with things.

Bufler though looks to be a nice alternative. Out of the box it looks like it groups things pretty well and has a nice Emacs hydra that you can bring up with ? to remind you how to do things like kill one or more buffers.

Right now, I'm using it as an ibuffer replacement but it also has its own version of switch buffer that I plan to play with as well.

The only knit I've found thus far is that when you run bufler, it splits the window and lists the buffers in the new space. If I'm using ibuffer I want it to use the whole Emacs frame. Otherwise I just use ivy-switch-buffer (or now bufler-switch-buffer). I couldn't figure out a way built in so ended up writing a small function:

(defun mz/bufler-one-window (&optional force-refresh)
  (interactive "P")


(global-set-key (kbd "C-x C-b") 'mz/bufler-one-window)

Check out the video for more details.

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