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Using Emacs 76 Bookmarks and Burly

I read a post on /r/emacs the other day asking if people used Emacs bookmarks among other things. I thought about it for a bit and wondered why I didn't use Bookmarks? I did set a few bindings to load frequently used files and those are like bookmarks but I have to set those up in my configuration. It turns out that Emacs bookmarks are pretty easy and effective and work right out of the box. I cover the basics in the video and you can also check the documentation here.

In the video I mention that the bookmark bindings are part of the bindings used for registers which also include rectangles. If you're interested in those aspects you can find out all about registers by viewing this nice video by Prot and I cover rectangle editing here.

I also noticed another post on /r/emacs about burly - a package for managing windows and their associated buffers. It's pretty cool. In the video I confused myself and thought it might be mapping the buffers to windows wrong but that was just me confusing myself.

Burly uses bookmarks to store the configurations which is cool and it was much easier for me to get my head around it than other solutions. Burly's install instructions use quelpa and quelpa-use-package so now it looks like I'll have to figure those out as well :-).

The run through is all in the video.


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