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My project grading workflow

Grading sucks. Even for a well crafted assignment it takes time and rarely does it give you the same insights into your students as you can get from just observing them and working with them, at least when the environment supports you doing so.

This leads lots of teachers to go to auto graders. I can't bring myself going along with that. While assignments are imperfect and tedious to grade, they do provide some insight to your students and that's an important part about being a teacher.

So, I always keep my eye out for ways to improve my project gradiing workflow.

In the video below, I step through my process. It's mostly Emacs but I also use GitHub classroom and the terminal along the way.

If you're here as for the Emacs, I'd any thoughts on alternatives or improvements.

If you're here as a teacher, I'd love to hear what your flow is like and what tools you use.


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