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C'est la Z

Varying Remote Teaching

When we first went remote I jumped on Zoom. I already new the technology and it most simulated a live class. Basically, it was the best combination if quick, easy, and effective and we were under the gun to get something going and give our students some sense of normalcy and continuity.

As we settled in though, it made sense to try some different things. One was the "lab packet." A self contained document with instructions and partial walkthroughs. One of my classes is already set up to do a number of labs in this way so that was an easy thing to try. Basically it ended up being an asynchronous experience with me being available using the usual suspects - Slack and email.

I tried something different this past Monday. It was synchronous with me available on Slack but we didn't use Zoom. I set up a series of videos. Each video was fairly short and most had a small assignment at the end. I asked the class to fill out a form after each video/assignment. The topic was binary trees.

The whole process seemed to go well but I'll report back once I've finished going over the feedback emails I've gotten from the class.

I'm particularly proud of this video that I made for the class, enjoy:

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