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Investing in People

A little over a year ago, I decided it was time to reach out to my alums, a group I refer to as the “Stuy CS family” and try to get us together. The most rewarding part of my job involves the relationships I’ve developed over the years but is was always between me and my alums and them to their classmates. This was an attempt to start building a network that spanned the years.

Yesterday, we had our fourth meetup. Somewhere between fifty and seventy tech professionals getting together over pizza and drinks. Our past meetups were always at bars - it was easy - send out an email with an address, time., and date, and people show up. This time, we really wanted to include the younger crowd, the 18-20 year olds so a bar was out. I asked the family if anyone could host and Ethan came through, volunteering Pave.

Pave is a pretty neat company. The best way I can describe them is that they invest in people. It’s a place where backers invest in prospects, not only financially, but socially as well. I really like the idea and you should all check them out.

The Pave folks were really awesome, offering space, helping to oraganize and also taking part in the event.

The event was great and having it at a company rather than a bar or restaurant had some unexpected side effects. Since there weren’t nearly as many chairs, people mixed more and as I said, this allowed the younger set to meet the older alums.

Being at Pave made me think that as a teacher, my entire career is about investing in people. Not in the same way as Pave, but still. My results aren’t financial but in community. Although Pave does have a financial component to it, I really think they “get it” and wouldn’t be surprised if they end up getting the community rewards as well.

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