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C'est la Z

Why we script

I tell my students “the cool thing about what we do is that if we’re not happy with the way something works, we’ve got a shot at fixing it.”

That came up this morning so I thought I’d share.

I recently posted about the in-term projects my Software Development kids were working on. Well, now it’s time to grade their final projects.

The code is up on GitHub. This morning I was faced with independently going to every project page and cloning each one:

Not fun!!!!

There had to be a better way. Fortunately all the projects were under a single “organization” and a little digging into the GitHub API reminded me that I could use this url:

which brought up all this nice JSON data.

A little poking around in the data finds that each project url is part of a line that starts with “ssh_url.”

a little wget, sed, grep and sh magic later:

Now, as long as all the projects are under a single Github organization I can easily clone or pull them without having to navigate the Github web site.

Commandline FTW!!!!!!

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