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Hacking Sessions Resume

Back to school last Thursday after almost two week off. Twenty four hours later - Snow Day. I know this sounds a bit hokey, but I really would have rather had school. I love a good snow day as much as the next guy, but after a big vacation, I was really ready to get back to work with the kids.

Saturday, hacking sessions were set to resume. Being in Manhattan, getting around was pretty easy but we’ve got hackers from all over the city from Staten Island to the Bronx. Needless to say, some boroughs were easier to get around in than others.

So, we were a small group - we were down two instructors and a TA but Batya and Zach were in from college and helping out so instructors actually outnumbered students!!

What did we do? Since the hackers are just starting on their projects, this was a great opportunity to work one on one with them. Two of us went over Javascript and SVG as an alternative to the HTML Canvas, Zach worked with a couple of people on a Markov chain text generator and so on. Even though the turn out was low, I’m really glad we got back to business. Weather permitting, we should be back at full capacity this coming Saturday.

I think it’s finally time to start talking to them about git.

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