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Summing up at SumAll

Our hackers have been coming down to SumAll every Saturday for a while now. It’s a great space and we’ve been given run of the office. That said, the hackers really had no idea what SumAll is all about.

Today, we had our first guest speaker. Davin Chew, founder and CTO of SumAll. Davin’s also a member of the StuyCS family, he was my student back in the nineties. When Davin heard we needed space for our Saturday program, he and the SumAll team graciously offered to host.

Davin spoke to the hackers about what SumAll does, how it’s trying to, in Davin’s words “Democratize data.” How they’re building a platform that lets a small business or even an individual really study their data. They’ve got some great visualizations and tools and you all should check them out (and yes, according to their web site, there is and always will be a free tier).

Davin talked a little about how he and his co-founder sat in the room we were all in and how they came up with SumAll. He talked about passions, starting out a new compnay and a variety of other topics.

It’s always great to connect young hackers with people doing great work in the real world so they can get a glimpse of the awesome things they will be able to accomplish in the coming years.

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