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Student Projects 2014 - Let's go to the video tape

Just completed the second time through for my Software Development course. Last year we had a great time at our Demo Night hosted at Google.

This year, unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, we couldn't get the event together. Still, the kids did great work so I thought I'd share.

This year, I asked each group to make a short video.

First up, we've got bit<<shift - a search engine for code. Nice idea and a really slick interface.

Next up, we've got Socialpedia - our answer to Klout -

And then Twitch Rock-em-Sock-em Robots -

There were a bunch of other neat projects including a site that crowd-sources 311 trash related problems and a version of the game "Frozen Synapse" where you can program your forces using an embedded Lisp interpreter.

Very cool stuff.

Good job guys!!!!!

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