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C'est la Z

An old tradition reborn

Yesterday, some of the seniors from the 301 crowd along with a few teachers had an end of year dinner at Joe's Shanghai.


While it's Famous for its soup dumplings:


I'm partial to the braised pork shoulder:


We haven't had a 301 dinner in a long time, but I remember the crew, first unnamed, then using the moniker "the Z-team" used to go their all them time.

It was always Joe's Shanghai, followed by a trip to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory:


and then the obligatory photo in front of the Mei Dick Barbershop at 37 Mott St (now gone):


The 301 crew, or Z-team as it's some times been called are the students that spend their time in the CS room at Stuy. It's one of the few rooms where students and teachers co-exist in harmony. Some times we have to kick the kids out when we're doing things like working on exams, but basically, it's a shared space. They work with us on projects and we help them with theirs. It's a unique community - at least within Stuyvesant.

Back in 1995 it was Yu Ping, Josh, Bruce, Winnie, Amit and others. Later it was Paul, Emily, Orian, and Sam to name a few. Sam of course now, is back teaching with us. We didn't go with the seniors for the last few years. I'm not sure why. It was a great way to end the school year.

I remember one time getting an earful from a colleague the day after such a dinner because I decided that I would rather spend the evening with my students than take extra pay to grade regents. I didn't really care.

We've had a few reunion dinners there over the years as well, but always pretty small scale.

Maybe we should try to get a whole bunch of alums together and take over the whole place for an evening 1



In case you're wondering why none of the pictures are of the 301 crew, it's because I never had this group sign photo releases.

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