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C'est la Z

Preparing to launch SHIP

Some of our Ship Stewards (TAs) planning day one.

What's been happening since the close of the school year? We've been getting ready to start SHIP - CSTUY's first summer program.

SHIP will be running starting this Monday through the end of July and should be a great adventure.

Fast facts:

  • We have 47 students and 14 student teaching assistants (stewards)
  • We have 4 amazing teachers, 1 mentor for the TAs, me, and one official program mom.
  • Most of the shipmates claim little or no programming experience.
  • Our students come from 30 different schools. Mostly NYC but a few from beyond.
  • 36% of our shipmates are girls

Yesterday the team spent the morning at St. Joseph's College setting up the rooms.

Now all we have to do is wait for Monday morning to roll around.

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