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Can't wait for CSTUY SHIP Demo day tomorrow

Miranda and Nadia showing off their project

Tomorrow is the last day of SHIP and we'll be capping the whole thing off with a day of demos, science fair style.

Both the shipmates and the stewards will be showing off their work and I can't wait. I've intentionally stayed away from the shipmates because I want to be surprised but I've seen what the stewards have been doing and I can't tell you how proud I am of their work. I was going to say amazed, but actually, I'm not amazed at all – I know they're all awesome.

I'll put up pictures, descriptions and hopefully video after the event but here's a quick summary of what they've done:

3d network augmented reality pong - A 3d depth perception networked pong that you play using your hand as *the paddle. The program uses the camera and blob recognition to control the game.

Augmented Reality Board Game - It started with the stewards taking a picture of a maze and then having their program solve it but it evolved into a game. The computer continually takes a picture of the board and plays against a human opponent who makes moves on the physical board.

Painting identifier (pictured above) - Take a picture of a painting and the program will try to identify it.

Seam Carving Image editor - Look it up on youtube - it's really neat.

Photo Booth - A little more cut and dry than the above but one of the instructors has a wedding coming up and so we needed to build the photo booth.

All these projects are awesome and what's more they're all done from scratch. Early on Gerry was visiting and commented on an early version of the pong game. He said "they're writing their own blob detection, right?" Of course. They can use libraries later. Now it's about learning neat things.

I can't wait to see the stewards show these off tomorrow and also to see the shipmates projects.

On a side note, I've started to go through the comments the shipmates have been writing down about the program - they just confirm what I already knew - I'm lucky to be working with the best group of educators out there.

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