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Building a High School Summer CS Program - SHIP

I wanted to do a couple more posts on the CSTUY summer program SHIP, particularly about getting funding and reflections but I think I'll just wrap things up with the school year starting.

Overall it was an amazing success and I'm amazingly proud of the entire team (in no particular order):

Devorah, JonAlf, Sam, Yulia, Topher, Ethan, Leslie, Brian, Andreas, Natan, Miranda, Nadia, Fawn, Lise, Jessica, Angela, Benedict, Elise, Fish, and Derek.

and also proud of all the shipmates. Looking at where they started and where they ended up – they were really terrific.

The only downside is knowing what we can accomplish when we have the freedom, it reminds me about how badly we're handcuffed by our school and the department of education.

Here are links to all the posts in case anyone's interested:

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