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C'est la Z

Jazz Hands!!!!!!


The StuyCS Semi Formal, Clyde "Thluffy" Sinclair, and other assorted silliness - one of the reasons StuyCS is a family is that we try to have fun.

Jazz Hands day was the latest.

I got the idea at JonAlf's wedding. The wait staff were all wearing white gloves - all of a sudden it hit me - Jazz Hands!!!! and Jazz Hands day was born.

The idea:

All of our Junior and Senior CS students, around 350 or so, along with their teachers would wear white gloves on a specified day. The rules were throughout the day, in any class, provided there were two or more CS Jazz Hands students in the class, whenever:

  • a student gave a good thoughtful answer to a question
  • or the teacher made a particularly strong point

The kids would give a Jazz Hands salute.

Imagine, some kid gives a great answer and 1/3 of the class all of a sudden does Jazz Hands!!!!


Unfortunately, this was an event that I wouldn't actually be able to see as the havoc would be wreaked in other classes.

By the time we got to the end of the day, I knew we were on to something.

Word on the street was that a bunch of teachers thought it was hilarious. Apparently one teacher pulled the math chair into her class so she could see.

Then we had at least a few teachers that didn't get into the spirit and actually lodged complaints.

Let's see, we had students, via a non-verbal form of feedback, indicate that they were totally engaged by acknowledging what they felt was a good point.


Imagine that.

I don't know what makes me want to fine tune this event more - the positive feedback or the complaints.


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