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CS Semi Formal

Today marked the last day of classes and time for the 8th annual Stuy CS Semi Formal.

What's the Stuy CS Semi Formal? It's another bad idea that we refuse to let die. Eight years ago JonAlf joked that someone in class joked that they should have a party and they should all get dressed up. My thought? "YEAH!!! LET'S DO IT!!!!!"

Eight years later, still going strong.

We cleaned out and decorated the room - classed things up by serving cheese, dried fruits, nuts and the like. Drinks served in fake plastic "wine" glasses and we encouraged the kids to dress up.

Pictures from the first year - 2007

And from 2011

Kids can come and go any period they don't have any other class.

It's a signature event and a fun time. Whats more is that throughout the day you've got pockets of CS students all dressed to the nines in all their other classes.

For the first few years JonAlf and I did the heavy lifting but these past two, it's all been the students - particularly Jenny, Miranda, and Veronika (apologies if I'm missing anyone).

It's just another event that makes StuyCS unique.

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