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What makes a great manager? - Open praise for my team

Today was the last day of SHIP 2015, CSTUY's summer immersion program. I was blown away by the projects. The shipmates and the stewards all did tremendous work.

All through the reception parents would come up to me and rave about the job I did with the program. They'd thank me, tell me how exited their child was every day, how proud they were of what they were learning and on and on.

I of course nodded and told them that "yep, I'm that good."

No. Seriously.

First I thanked them and then told them the secret.

I forget who said this but some coach or manager was one asked "what makes a great manager?" His answer: "Great players."

I explained to the parents that I've been fortunate enough to be surround by amazing teachers and that's what makes our program special. We've got the best program because we've got the best teachers. The best thing I can do is point them in the direction of the kids and get out of the way.

So this post is an open thank you and congratulations to JonAlf, Sam, Topher, and Yulia on yet another job well done. Four amazing CS teachers. There's been a lot of discussion in the online CS communities about CS teachers being isolated and not having resources but I am fortunate in being surrounded by you four. I can't think of another team that I'd rather "go to war" with.

Now, I don't want to leave out the other amazing players that made SHIP a success. Chris, Marlena, Stanley, and Valeriy. Chris, Marlena, and Stanley - you allowed us to give the individual attention we needed for this program and students and parents sang your praises and Valeriy, you were able to show the stewards stuff far beyond what I could have.

And to all our Stewards - your impact on the shipmates was also so critical to the programs success and that doesn't even mention your projects which blew me away.

So to everyone, congratulations, job well done.

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