I guess some people like the blues


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<p> Funny story from yesterday. </p>

<p> Devorah, my better half, is an assistant principal at another high school. Yesterday evening, she was at work late for "curriculum night." Parents came to the school after hours to hear a variety of presentations. </p>

<p> During her presentation, Devorah mentioned her name, that she had two former public school kids in college, and that's about it for the personal info. </p>

<p> After the session, two parents approached Devorah to say "we're big fans of your husband!" </p>

<p> Since when do teachers have fans????????? </p>

<p> I mean, I understand "my daughter/son was in your husbands class and really enjoyed it," but "I'm a big fan?" She wasn't sure how to take it. Obviously we both took it as an honor and compliment but we also both got a chuckle out of the turn of phrase. </p>

<p> I've already said that teachers aren't <a href="http://cestlaz.github.io/2014/12/14/rockstar-godfather.html#.Vg264t8Sr0o">rock stars, we're blues men</a> so I guess this shows that some folks still like the blues. </p>