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C'est la Z

I guess some people like the blues

Funny story from yesterday.

Devorah, my better half, is an assistant principal at another high school. Yesterday evening, she was at work late for "curriculum night." Parents came to the school after hours to hear a variety of presentations.

During her presentation, Devorah mentioned her name, that she had two former public school kids in college, and that's about it for the personal info.

After the session, two parents approached Devorah to say "we're big fans of your husband!"

Since when do teachers have fans?????????

I mean, I understand "my daughter/son was in your husbands class and really enjoyed it," but "I'm a big fan?" She wasn't sure how to take it. Obviously we both took it as an honor and compliment but we also both got a chuckle out of the turn of phrase.

I've already said that teachers aren't rock stars, we're blues men so I guess this shows that some folks still like the blues.

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