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Halloween 2015 - the video

As a teacher, sometimes your gut tells you to do something and it turns out to be a really good idea.

That's what happened in October, 1994. I decided to dress up as Groo the Wanderer for Halloween. I never dressed in costume for school before and back then, no many did. A few students and very few teachers.

Afterwards, I noticed that my younger students - the ones that didn't know me that well yet, really loosened up and so a tradition was born.

Over each of the next 20 Halloweens, I did something different. Sometimes solo, sometimes as a pair and more recently as part of a team.

What started as a lark has now become something of an obligation but it's still fun.

So, with no further ado, let's go to the video tape:

And of course, the full playlist:

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