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Tools can shape how we think

I've been having fun with this years Advent of Code competition. So far, I've been able to keep up but with I expect that to change in another couple of days since I'll be traveling for the weekend.

After solving a problem, I like looking over some of the other solutions on the Advent of Code subreddit. Even with similar agorithmic solutions there's a decent amount of variation in the actual code and solutions in different languages can look radically different.

That got me thinking about how the tools we know and use both shape the ways we approach solving problems and creating things and either limit or empower us to go from a mental model of a solution or creation to an actual artifact.

Relating to this are the common themes that come up in the CS Education world. The idea that it's computer science not programming and certainly not merely coding. That's true but the tools and languages we use shape the whole thinking part and can also give the students a valuable practical tool that they can leverage to great advantage in both future classes and work and life endeavors.

I decided to do this rant as a video. I hope you enjoy it:

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