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Awesome Cs Revisited

Saw this tweet the other day so I though I would try to plug the Awesome CS Education list I started on GitHub:

To answer the tweet, the closet thing I know to a list is Alfred Thompson's blog roll which is actually a post he wrote on his blog in 2012. Unfortunately his list can be hard to find and is somewhat out of date.

The idea of an "awesome" list is publicly hosting a simple site that is community driven and anyone can suggest additions and edits.

I put up a starter here and a few people have contributed but I'd love to get more people involved. Awesome lists have a number of advantages over other repositories.

  • Unlike blog posts, the site is easy to find.
  • Unlike private mailing lists or Facebook, anyone can see the content.
  • Anyone can suggest additions (although you need to create a Github


  • Anyone can download or fork the site.
  • It's essentially plain text and is easy to edit (just read the

contribution guide).

So, there you have it. If you have a blog or resource to share please submit a pull request. Over time this could be a terrific single starting point for educators to get to a wealth of resources.

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