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A Community Curated List of CS Education Resources

One of the things I mentioned in my post on the CS Educators StackExchange was the fragmentation of resources for CS Educators. My friend and fellow CS teacher Ben pointed out that this is appropriate as we're so young as a community. He's absolutely right but until we mature, discover-ability can be a problem. We all have our resources and I for one am frequently surprised when talking to a friend and discovering that they don't know about a site or a mailing list that I've known about for years. Likewise, I'm appreciative when others share resources with me.

There are some collections of information, for instance, Alfred Thompson has a list of CS Education bloggers but it's not so easy to discover and it certainly shouldn't fall on Alfred to maintain such a list making sure the links are all active and always being responsible for adding new ones.

Recently I've noticed a proliferation of awesome lists. These are community curated lists hosted up on GitHub for a variety of projects. I find myself using awesome-emacs and awesome-python more and more and there are tons of other such lists.

I thought we, as a community could benefit from such a list.

I started one off. It's over at with instructions on contributing at

I seeded it with a few items but I'd love everyone to get involved. I also started it with a few categories and a specific format but I'd love to see that evolve into something most useful for the community as well.

If you agree that this could be something useful, please contribute to it and help spread the word.

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