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Using Emacs - 15 - Macros

I originally planned on do some videos on C++ development but I'm just not feeling it. Probably because I'm excited to be working with my new class and we're working in Python. We're not going to be using C+++ for a few months so I'll get to those videos a little later.

Today, I want to cover what I consider a leatherman or multi-tool for Emacs. Something that isn't perfect for any particular job but can get almost any job done: Macros.

In their simplest form, macros let you record and play back keystrokes.

The video goes over the specifics.

Here are the main functions / keystrokes.


This covers most of my use of macros but there's more. You can adjust or set the counter, edit old macros and there's even a way to have a macro pause for input in the middle.

Here are some links with more information:

If you're interested in checking out, which I reference in the video, check out my blog post.

Relevant links:

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