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Using Emacs - 20 - yanking

Today's video is a bit of a follow up on the last one as well as a few miscillaneous configuration.

We got some comments on alternate ways to load a file if it exists - it's always cool to see how different people end up doing similar things.

We then talk about three little configurations. Two I found out about reading Jon Sander's (jcs) blog Irreal. Jon's blog is a terrific source of emacs info - if you don't subscribe, you should.

I go over using counsel for working with the kill-ring. The command counsel-yank-pop acts as a replamcement for yank-pop and it lets you easily yank anything from the kill ring - not just the most previously killed/whacked piece.

You just hit M-y and then either keep hitting it or use up and down to select what you want to yank.

Here's the original post from Irreal:

I then briefly talk about smoothing things over between the system clipboard and the kill ring, also from Irreal:

Finally, I talk about auto-revert-mode - this monitors files on your file system and when they change, they reload your buffer. I find this very useful to keep multiple machines in sync when I'm working with files in a could based filesystem like Dropbox or Owncloud.

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