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Using Emacs 37 - Treemacs file browser

I've been meaning to get back to making Emacs videos but I've been having trouble figuring out what to record.

People have asked for Magit but I only use the basics and I think there are already some great videos on it out there. I'd also like to get more comfortable with DIRED mode and then do a video on it but I'm not there yet. I've also been looking into packages that manage workspaces like Eyebrowse and Persp-mode but neither are really doing it for my workflow.

This morning I saw an post on the Emacs subreddit about Treemacs - a sidebar file browser similar to what the Atom editor has. It's pretty slick. I particularly like the integration with projectile.

I suspect I won't integrate a file browser side bar into my workflow - I've probably spent too many years with Emacs built in buffer commands but if like that type of interface, definitely check Treemacs out.

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