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Using Emacs Episode 47 - Magit

I've been holding off on doing a Magit video for a while. Mostly because I wasn't using it exclusively and also because there are already a number of good Magit videos and resources out there.

What changed? Along with the new version of Magin, Jonas Bernoulli wrote up a walkthrough of the Magit interface. For whatever reason, it all finally clicked.

In spite of what the documentation says, Magit is not an interface for git. Magit is a command and control center for git. You can launch it just to execute some git commands but you can also leave it up and running in an Emacs window or frame as a constant project overview.

Wow. Mind blown!!!

If you use Emacs for Deveopment, you have to use Magit. If you don't use Emacs, you can load it on the side for Magit. If you're not a developer, learn to code so you can use Magit!!!!!

I tried to do justice to the package in the video. Magit along with Org Mode are arguably Emacs killer apps - enough in and of themselves to justify using Emacs.

Check out the video:

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