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Using Emacs - 9 - Themes

Now that we have a nice basic configuration, let's make Emacs look a little nicer.

Like most editors, Emacs can be extensively themed.

As shown in the video, you can quickly see the built in themes using the customize-themes command.

You can load one of these themes by using the load-theme command interactively or, more likely by putting:

(load-theme 'leuven t)

in your init.el. The above code loads the built in leuven theme.

I prefer the zenburn theme. For that, you have to load the zenburn package. Here's the code in our init.el:

(use-package zenburn-theme
:ensure t
:config (load-theme 'zenburn t))

In the video, I also mention the color theme package.

So, customize away.

In the links, you'll find some links to some Emacs theme gallery sites to help find something you like.

Thanks for reading and watching and as always, please leave comments, suggestions and favorite themes.

Here's the video:

Relevant links:

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