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Teaching with chatGPT - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The plan was to talk about what we can and should do in CS classes with respect to chatGPT type technologies but after seeing so much discussion on how to and not to use chatGPT I thought I'd insert this additional post on classroom use. We already talked about the good. I love the idea of making an essay with errors for proof reading and it can be a great search resource, albeit one that needs to be error checked and I'm sure many other productive teaching and teaching support applications will turn up.

AI For All

Yesterday we had another Professional Development Workshop for High School CS Teachers and as usual, I wnat to express my thanks to Digital Ocean for continuing to provide space, food, and great overall support. This time though, instead of JonAlf and I having to run the show we had a guest speaker. We were joined by Sarah Judd of AI4ALL. Sarah gave an overview of what AI4ALL was up to and why but the core of her presentation was taking us through some of the exercises they have been developing at AI4All.