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C'est la Z


Who won the election -- Quadratic to Linear Time!!!!!

Last week was crazy. Busy, stressful, late night after late night. It ended, though, on a great note. A young lady in my intro class found me in my office near the end of the day: Student: Mr. Z, I wanted to make sure to catch you before vacation! Me: What’s up? Student: I wanted to tell you that today’s lesson was AWESOME!!!!!! Wow. I’ve been teaching 23 years and that’s never happened before!

Pretty sneaky, Sis

I've always lamented the fact that we don't have the time or structure to really teach our kids to program. In their early classes, they learn syntax, algorithms, and  some ways of storing data and while they  will probably work on some larger projects as they study CS, kids seem to be mostly left on their own in terms of how to take a project from problem or idea to completion.

Where's Waldo - Text style

Ok, it's a word search. We're always looking for interesting applications to build lessons around. Over the years, I've tried different things when teaching 2 dimensional arrays. Simple game boards, representing a crossword puzzle, tables of various sorts, etc. This year, JonAlf, one of my amazingly talented colleagues, decided to go with building a word search. I decided to steal the idea. It's a great one. I thought I'd use this post to go through the project and why I like it.