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Bikeshares - Bixi vs Citibike

We just got back from a few days in Montreal. Love the city - it’s walkable, lots of good food, love the waterfront, history, and lots to do. I also love seeing a city using a bike/walking combo. In a car, you speed by things too fast and parking’s always a problem. Foot alone doesn’t let you cover enough ground. By bike, you’re slow enough to see things but fast enough to get from place to place.

The Rest of the Trip

Now for the rest of the trip. Rome to Little Falls We had some trouble getting out of Rome. As always, once we're on trail, it's pretty easy to follow, but entering and leaving towns and cities, with the exceptions of canal side towns like Lockport, can be a challenge. During the day, we found that we could either follow the official Erie Canal Trail signs or the pink trail blazes painted on the streets for the Erie Canal Tour (that preceded us by a week).

Too tired to blog

Got in to Amsterdam NY a few hours ago. Just finished mapping out tomorrow's route. Hope to get all the details and pictures for the past three days up tomorrow or Sunday. Too sleepy to do it now. Miles Yesterday: 44.5 Miles Today: 49 Total: 362.5 (but I think I lost a handful of miles somewhere). Tomorrow we make our way to Albany.

All roads may lead to Rome, but not all are paved

Today figured to be one of our longer days mileage wise, we didn't think it would be that tough or tricky to navigate. We checked out of our hotel at about 8:30 and hit the road. Streets through Syracuse, up a few hills towards the outskirts of town. Our directions and actual streets didn't quite jive so we had a little trouble finding our way back to the canal path, but once we did we figured it would be smooth sailing.

Nothing to see here

Yesterday we left Seneca Falls and headed back north up to Syracuse. Our fifth day in a row of riding. Figured it could be one of the tougher days between the changing terrain and the return of the heat and humidity.  Apparently, there's no shade in northern NY. Turned out to be true. The first part of the ride was mostly on road. Easy surface, but up and down.  When we got to the old canal path, it was more gravely than crushed stone.

Day 5

Angel 1: What are the Zamansky's doing next to that bridge? Angel 2: Maybe they're pondering if their lives have had any meaning in this world. Angel 1: Do you think we should send Clarence to straighten them out? He seemed to do a good job  the last time we had a troubled person on that bridge. He even earned his wings. Angel 2: I don't know, maybe they're just trying to decide on where to go to dinner.

Weak wifi last night

Weak wifi last night so I wasn't able too post a full report.  Hopefully tonight from syracuse. 42 miles yesterday for a total of 177.

Brockport to Palmyra

Beautiful weather today, just like yesterday. Forgot to mention yesterday that Clarence Birdseye started his quick freezing experiments in Brockport. Let's start with the requisite canal pics: And a picture of my trusty steed: We originally figured we'd get lunch at Rochester -- about 18 miles into the ride. If we felt good, we'd try to push on to Pittsford. We were pretty excited when we saw:

Lockport to Brockport

Day 3. From Lockport to Brockport. Lockport is "famous" for it's locks -- the two channel 5 step ones. Brockport is famous for it's... brocks? After a reasonable nights sleep and breakfast at Hambleton House, our BnB, we were off.  Here's one of the many lift bridges that cross the canal. Right now it's down. It's raised when a boat has to pass under. Back in the day, as there was much less road traffic, the bridges stayed in the raised position so boats and barges could pass.