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Erie Canal - Day 2

Surpassing our day 1 total of 1 mile wasn't going to be hard. We set out for breakfast. Rode down by the Niagara River and over the Rainbow Bridge. I was a little surprised not to find Asgard on the other side. Back in New York, we continued on. Our first stretch was on Bike Route 5: Paved but cragly and full of holes. Not very scenic either, at least not until we got closer to Tonowanda where we found the Seabee's memorial:

Erie Canal Day 1

Yesterday we started on a 12 day adventure. From Niagara Falls, Ont to Albany, mostly along the Erie Canal Tow path all by bike. A little more ambitious than our four day excursion outside of Pittsburgh last year. Bright and early we set out -- at Penn Station by 6:00am. That's where we had our first scare -- the Amtrak agent said we couldn't bring out bikes. Amtrak policy say's otherwise (folding bikes that fold to within a certain size are allowed at any time according to their on line regulations.

Circumnavigating the Island (mostly)

 Been a while since my last post but summer's coming so I think I'll have more time and energy. For today, a break from CS and Education issues and something on one of my other passions, bicycling. Having not gone on a substantial ride for a while, yesterday, we decided to do a modified circumnavigation of NYC. Starting from home, we rode east over to first avenue. From there North...

Cold Weather Commuting

That's me with my trusty Bike Friday New World Tourist. Love the bike. Love riding. It's the fastest, most pleasant way to get around the city. My commute by bike, door to door is 12 minutes. Subway is 20 - 25. Walking about 45. One certainly can't let winter weather get in the way. I've got the body covered with my Assos Fugu jacket. With just a cheap long sleeve duofold shirt it's great to about 16 degrees.