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I know I said that I was done with chatGPT but since I've ended up sharing my posts with a few people I though a quick table of contents post would be appropriate. Post 1 - Some general thoughts on cheating Post 2 - Cheating with chatGPT Post 3 - Teaching with chatGPT Post 4 - More teaching with chatGPT Post 5 - chatGPT in a CS class Back to new content soon.

Teaching with chatGPT - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The plan was to talk about what we can and should do in CS classes with respect to chatGPT type technologies but after seeing so much discussion on how to and not to use chatGPT I thought I'd insert this additional post on classroom use. We already talked about the good. I love the idea of making an essay with errors for proof reading and it can be a great search resource, albeit one that needs to be error checked and I'm sure many other productive teaching and teaching support applications will turn up.


Just got back from a few much needed days away so it's time to get to those chatGPT posts. Last time, I wrote on cheating in general. That seems to be one of the hot points for chatGPT, in fact, the NYC DOE just last week decided to ban chatGPT outright, presumably for that reason. We'll talk about the student side, both negative and postitive today and the teacher side next time.