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Just got back from a few much needed days away so it's time to get to those chatGPT posts. Last time, I wrote on cheating in general. That seems to be one of the hot points for chatGPT, in fact, the NYC DOE just last week decided to ban chatGPT outright, presumably for that reason. We'll talk about the student side, both negative and postitive today and the teacher side next time.


I said in my last post that I wanted to write about chatGPT. The way I see it, chatGPT is affecting teachers in four areas. First, students using it to cheat, second the possibility of students using it as a constructive tool. Third, teachers using it as a resource for lesson planning or similar, and fourth, down the road, another tool to replace teachers. Before I dive into any of those, I thought I'd spend a post talking about cheating in general.

Collaborative Coding or Cheating

I haven't been teaching this past semester. That's why I haven't been writing much about lessons. I miss working with students but that will resume in the fall and this semester has allowed me to get a jump on new projects. It's also allowed me to look at some student issues from a bit of a distance. One issue that keeps coming up is cheating. Some of it, classroom cheating.